Friday, July 8, 2011

A walk around the souk in Rabat

Even though Casablanca is the largest port in Africa and the economic, financial, and industriel capital of Morocco, we were told that the main/only attraction for tourists in Casablanca is the mosque.  (Apparently, the movie Casablanca was actually filmed in the United States).   So,after lunch, we took a bus ride to Rabat, which is the political capital of Morocco.  I slept most the way...

As soon as we arrived, we settled in our rooms in the hotel.  Then, while some people took naps, others of us took a quick tour of our first souk (outdoor market in tiny pedestrian walkways/streets).  What an experience!  You can buy anything at the souk from homemade nuggat (made right in front of you) to heads of animals (still bleeding) to mattresses for beds to beads to leather goods to knock-off popular French brands (like Longchamp purses) to pottery.  You name it, you can find it.  And, if you ever go, don't forget to haggle with the vendors.

The souk:

A stand of tagine dishes/pottery. Tagine is a Moroccan recipe that can be made with sheep, chicken or vegetarian.  It somewhat resembles a stew, but not really.  This one had a piece of chicken sourounded by vegetables.  You both bake it and serve it in the tagine dish.  I ate my first tagine today for lunch (Friday).  You will see a picture of that below as well.

While this is sold at the "souk", it is NOT something I would eat for lunch.  What would you do with it?


  1. Did you buy anything at the souk? Those rugs look beautiful! Lunch looks tasty - animal heads - not so much! Do they have good wine there??

  2. They do have good wine, but alas, I haven't tried it. I have only bought a couple of things at the souk, nothing major. Apparently, there are more souks to come. Some people will buy rugs and mail them back, but I don't plan to do that. On the other hand, clothes and leather shoes are real cheap, so we'll see :-)